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COVID-19 Update

We are an essential business and we are here for you! Fast Roofing is a family business, and like you are, we are working hard to keep our family safe and healthy. But we are also an essential business, according to Governor Inslee’s guidelines, only IF we are correcting a safety issue or for emergency

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Roof Vs. Remodel: Which Do I do First?

Spoiler alert: It’s your roof! One of the most commonly asked questions we hear from homeowners is this: “What do I do first? Remodel the interior of my home? Update the exterior? Fix or replace the roof? Landscaping?” Whether you ask your contractor or your real estate broker, the answer will always be the same:

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The Importance of a Clean Roof

Why is my roof turning black? Algae! Specifically called Gloeocapsa Magma. Algae tends to grow in coastal, warm and humid environments. Here in the PNW, we can experience severe algae growth. It likes to feed off the limestone that is filler in your asphalt shingles. This filler is what holds the roof shingles together and

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Project – Moss Removal

Project Description This customer wanted a cost-effective cleaning just to remove moss. Work included moss removal via broom, wire brush, and blower to the entire roof and gutters. We also replaced two plastic bathroom fan vents that were worn out, installing metal fans that were positively connected inside the attic. All debris was cleaned up

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