Five Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Roofer in Seattle, WA.

Roofs are synonymous with the home, protecting it from the elements and providing security from the outside world. As a result, hiring the right roofing contractor for any repairs or replacements is critical. But, before you sign a contract, how do you know you’re making the best decision? After all, there is a lot that can go wrong with roof repair, potentially leading to more problems in the future.

Setting up a meeting with a contractor like Fast Roofing to learn more about their skill level, processes, and guaranteed deliverables is the best thing to do. Ask these five questions before signing a contract for roof repair or replacement.

Could You Tell Me About Your Insurance?

Workers’ compensation and liability insurance should be carried by roofing contractors to protect the homeowner in the event of an accident. Workers’ compensation protects the homeowner if a contractor is injured on the job, and liability protects you from damage caused by roofers during repair or replacement.


Without workers’ compensation insurance, the homeowner may be liable for medical bills and other costs incurred as a result of the injury. Furthermore, your homeowners’ insurance policy may not cover these types of incidents.


Do You Have the Appropriate License to Do the Work?


As licensing requirements vary by location, ask the roofing contractor for license information in your state, city, and county. In this case, request some specifics, such as the license holder’s name. Following that, contact your local licensing offices to ensure that the roofer’s license is current and free of outstanding violations. A business license is not the same as a license for a roofing contractor. A business license is required for tax purposes and serves to identify the company. It does not imply that the individual has passed a test or is qualified to work as a roofer.


Do you Use Subcontractors?


Inquire with the roofing company whether they subcontract parts of the job to a team of subcontractors under their supervision. If this is the case, ensure that the subcontractors have the necessary insurance and licenses to complete the work. You should also request the physical address and name of the subcontractors, and run this information through the Better Business Bureau and social media sites to look for any red flags. A reputable company should explain why and what tasks they outsource to subcontractors.


Will you Protect My Lawn/Property?


Ideally, your lawn and landscape should look the same after the roofing job as they did before it began. Inquire with your pro about the steps they take to prevent lawn damage. Some contractors, for example, impose mandatory foot traffic patterns to avoid stepping on your bushes or causing ruts in your yard. Others make certain that heavy equipment is placed on the sidewalk rather than the grass.


Inquire with your roofer about what they do to ensure that debris that falls off the roof isn’t left behind during the process, potentially injuring children or pets.


How Will You Ensure Completion On Time?


There may be stumbling blocks that delay the project’s completion. The roofing contractor should outline contingency plans to address any potential obstacles that could cause the roofing job to be delayed. Do they have enough employees to cover the slack in an emergency? Do they have any spare materials, tools, or supplies? What will they do if the weather turns bad? Some contracts may even include a “no later than” clause that makes the contract null and void if the job takes too long to complete.


The Choice is Obvious


To provide you with an accurate estimate, Fast Roofing will assess the size and pitch of your roof, the type of materials to be used, the difficulty of the work, and other factors.

In addition, we will notify you of any potential additional fees that may arise during the installation. If you obtain a clear and honest quotation from a reliable roof replacement provider, you can be confident that we will complete your roofing project on time and within budget.


Fast Roofing always provides our clients with a comprehensive estimate that includes all of the work that needs to be done as well as the associated costs. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our services or pricing.

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