Three Pacific Northwest Roofing Problems

Because of the enormous amounts of rain and snow that fall in the Pacific Northwest region each year,homeowners face unique challenges when it comes to roof upkeep. Moss, mold, and water damageproduced by the moist, shady atmosphere may limit the lifespan of your roof. Proper upkeep is essentialfor protecting your investment and extending the life of your roof. Furthermore, roof maintenance costless than 10% of the cost of roof replacement. Here is some roofing maintenance advice from Fast Roofing for homeowners in the Pacific Northwest.

That’s Alot of Water

As you may have seen, we get a lot of rain out here! Heavy rain can erode a roof over time. Even if therain isn’t severe, misty days can cause persistent moisture to leak into any cracks or crevices in yourroof, causing decay or damage. This is why it’s critical to get repairs done as soon as possible!

Algae and Moss Growth

Algae and moss are another typical concern on Pacific Northwest roofs. Both of these plants grow in the air, particularly in our humid climate. If you notice moss growth on a neighboring house’s roof, it’s extremely probable that it will spread to yours as well!

The good news is that none of these plant growths pose a threat to your family’s health. They will also not cause significant harm to your roof right away. This doesn’t mean you should put off getting your roof cleaned for too long; otherwise, you can end up with a mossy forest on your roof! Any moss or algae on your roof can be removed in a single day.

Is that Debris?

Keeping your roof clean is one of the best methods to maintain it in good condition. Pine needles are one of the most common debris culprits that you might not expect to ruin your roof. If you have a pine tree over your roof, it is critical to remove the pine needles if you want your roof to last. Pine needles are corrosive and might erode your shingles. Sappy tree branches might also cause your shingles to wear down faster.

While these three difficulties are not limited to Pacific Northwest reroofing, they are the most typical. They’re simple to repair, but leaving them alone for too long might cause damage to your roof. By partnering with Fast Roofing NW, you can stay on top of your roof’s maintenance. Proper care and maintenance are the best ways to ensure a long-lasting roof, and we’d be pleased to assist you in getting your roof on a routine inspection and maintenance plan!


Due to the rainy and variable weather in the Pacific Northwest, homeowners must keep up with the weather in terms of roof cleaning and upkeep. This will keep your roof protected and looking good. While some homeowners (especially those with large properties) may need up to three or four full annual cleaning services, others may just need one or two roof cleanings per year. It is better to consult with a local specialist to establish how often your roof should be inspected and cleaned each year.

Team Up With Us

Having a professional roofer evaluate and clean your roof is the simplest approach to discovering any problems you may be unaware of. A professional eye can detect hidden mold development, algaegrowth, and other concerns that you might miss. We strongly recommend that you schedule aninspection with us so that we may review your roof, determine its exact state, and advise and proposethe best course of action to tackle your specific roofing difficulties.
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